Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Chickens, rabbits and composting

STILL at my parents house (sigh).

Got a rooster for $5.00 last week. A 1 year old Americauna
So far he's really sweet and not aggressive at all. I will be getting 2 of my hens back from Dilly....we'll see how docile he is when he has "girlfriends" to "protect" lol

Have our first litter of bunnies (Snickerdoodle x Bella) She had 8, but one was teeny tiny and it died. The other 7 are doing great and have just started coming out of the nest box

Built a double composting unit
(it has the top barrel on it now)
Just bought a batch of new chicks: 8 Cornish Rock, 4 Americauna, 1 Red Sex Link

Also got a new puppy. She's a Black and Tan silver dapple mini dachshund. Her name is Lelo.

We also bought a little building from the thrift store for $35.00 to use as a chicken house. The top and front open (although we won't be opening the top). We cut a hole in the side for them and added a ramp. Added a roost inside and will be adding a nestbox to the other side that can be opened from the top to gather eggs. It isn't finished yet, but here are some pics:

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