Monday, January 31, 2011

I love getting free stuff!

Thanks to  these are the jewels I was given today:

10 pieces of new corner moulding

Laminate floor padding

3 NEW packs (plus a few extra pieces) of laminate tongue and groove flooring

This window still has the 'sash' on the back and the panes slide up/down and in/out so that they can be washed while still standing in the house.  Also got a few odds and ends electrical pieces.

This door wasn't free, but I only paid $20 for it.  It was a mark down display that was originally $365.

 yeah, it's a little scuffed and not the color I really want and it's 4" too long (I have REALLY REALLY low ceilings) but for $345 in savings I can cut it down to fit and paint it lol

I also saw the Asplundh limb mulching trucks in my community so I stopped to talk to them and they will be delivering a load of FREE mulch to my house soon :)  Oh, and I got 2 of my seed catalogs (Seed Savers Exchange and Johnny's Selected Seeds) in the mail today YIPEE!  so I'm gonna get off here and dream of all the things I wanna plant
Wow, it's already the last day of Jan.  I'm ready for spring and hope the days keep flying by.  So, I bought a new rake yesterday and did some yard work.  Also started the next level in my terraced garden beds...have a looooong way to go on this project. (thanks to the people that helped out in my yard)  
I'm also using an old mesh basket to sift the rocks and debris out of the soil and I plan to add some rotted manure and mushroom compost since none of my compost is really ready.  Of course once I actually start 'living' out there again I'll have lots more to add to the compost bin (which is an old washing machine tub w/the holes in it)
Also got a new front door from Lowe's for $20 (marked down from $365)  It was a display and has some scuffs but it is beautiful.  It's about 4" too tall for my doorway though so I'll have to cut it down a bit (can't make the door way taller since it actually starts about 2" from my ceiling and goes down to porch level)  I'll figure it out though...I always do.

update on the going without shampoo thing...happy with the results so far.  I haven't had any greasy looking hair so far and scalp feels super clean afterwards.  Of course, I don't wait the 5 days like the chick in the article that I got this idea from.  I've been 'washing' mine about every 3 days.

Baking soda Hair 'wash' with ACV rinse

(actually written 1-22-11)

Ok, so I read about people that were giving up shampoo and conditioner because it's not healthy for your scalp (or the environment) and switching to a baking soda wash and ACV rinse.  Well, I decided to give it a try since it's more natural and cheaper (and you only have to wash about every 5 days).  I read that it takes your scalp around 4-6 weeks to adjust since shampoos actually strip your scalp of needed oils which in turn teaches your scalp to overproduce oil to compensate.  This means you will go through a stage of super oily hair (gross I know) until your scalp is able to balance itself, but after that I read that you will have the softest hair ever..sooooo...I'm gonna give it a try.  I'll keep you posted.   Here's the 'recipe' if you wanna give it a try as well

mix 2 teaspoons of baking soda with 6-8 oz of warm water.  Wet hair then pour baking soda onto scalp.  Leave for up to a minute then rinse.  Follow with 1 tsp apple cider vinegar mixed with warm water.  Pour over hair.  You can supposedly pre-mix the soda water but not the ACV water...not sure why though.