Thursday, May 10, 2012

New baby bunnies and misc. farm updates

Bella, my blue Silver Fox, just kindled a few days ago. 5 or 6 (not sure yet) She was bred to Checker, our new red/white NZ buck. These are his first babies ever, and the first time we've ever bred her to a buck other than Snickerdoodle, our black NZ mix buck. She normally has 7-9 babies so I was a little surprised to only count 5 or 6 this time around. Still excited to see how they turn out though.

We also bought 13 baby chicks a several weeks ago. 8 Cornish X, 4 Americauna's and 1 Red Sex Link. They were all doing great until one day 2 of the Cornish X's and 2 of the Americauna's got out of their pens and my dogs thought they would be fun toys :( so now we're down to 9. The remaining ones are doing great though and getting big. The Cornish X's are big enough to begin butchering.  We have all the chickens (including the grown ones) in 3 chicken tractors down in the field. They're fairly simple, but at least they can get fresh grass on a regular basis.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Chickens, rabbits and composting

STILL at my parents house (sigh).

Got a rooster for $5.00 last week. A 1 year old Americauna
So far he's really sweet and not aggressive at all. I will be getting 2 of my hens back from Dilly....we'll see how docile he is when he has "girlfriends" to "protect" lol

Have our first litter of bunnies (Snickerdoodle x Bella) She had 8, but one was teeny tiny and it died. The other 7 are doing great and have just started coming out of the nest box

Built a double composting unit
(it has the top barrel on it now)
Just bought a batch of new chicks: 8 Cornish Rock, 4 Americauna, 1 Red Sex Link

Also got a new puppy. She's a Black and Tan silver dapple mini dachshund. Her name is Lelo.

We also bought a little building from the thrift store for $35.00 to use as a chicken house. The top and front open (although we won't be opening the top). We cut a hole in the side for them and added a ramp. Added a roost inside and will be adding a nestbox to the other side that can be opened from the top to gather eggs. It isn't finished yet, but here are some pics:

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Seed Giveaway

Who is Salt Spring Seeds?
In short, the best source for non-GMO, heritage, heirloom, untreated, open-pollinated, proven variety seeds ever.