Thursday, October 6, 2011

Goodbye summer

I'm REALLY enjoying the cooler days.  Nothing beats the beautiful sunshine bathing your skin along with a cool breeze to keep it from getting too's nice.  Too soon though winter will be here with all it's bone chilling winds and yucky ice and snow. BLAH!  It's better than the sweltering heat though.  So anyway, started building a vertical "recycle" garden.  I'm not finished with it yet, but it will be made almost completely from recycled materials.  Another plus is that since it's vertical, it will take up less of the already VERY limited space I have on my VERY small piece of land.

Another 2x4 will be added to the top and it will be covered with 2 liter bottles (as I collect them from people) and milk jugs. Notice the 2 wooden boxes at the bottom.  These were sitting out in the driveway of the house my brother rents and he gave them to me.  The final concept will be that I can pour water into the top bottle and it will drain down to the next, which will drain to the next, and so on until it empties into the back wooden box.  Seems like a great idea in theory, but my concern is the water dripping onto the plants.  I'm not sure if it will work, but I'm hoping it will.  As of yesterday, the top 2 liter got garlic chives planted in it, the 4 milk jugs got lettuce, and the 2 boxes got collard greens.  Like I said, not sure how the plants will do, but I'll be finding out.  You live and learn, and if something doesn't work, you do it better, or differently the next year.

And I'm happy to announce that all 5 of my percentage silver fox babies are doing wonderful and happily hopping all over the rabbit hutch, eating the feed and hay cubes.  They are getting big.  They are around 3 weeks old and already bigger than my hand.  I'm trying not to get attached since they will be food, (except for the one going to Dilly) but it's hard not to when I'm so smitten over their mother :)  Oh, and I found TWO Silver Fox breeders within about an hour from me.  One for sure has stock that is not related to my Bella and I'm SOOO excited about this.  She doesn't have any available at the moment, but I'm on the waiting list.  I will also be purchasing 2 red/white New Zealand babies around Dec for $30.  I'm very interested in crossing the NZ and the SF to see what kind of litters I can get.

Been doing Alot of cleaning and landscaping around the yard.  Recycled what we could and took the rest to the dump.  Started building this: (also from free, recycled posts)

The little plant that you see in there now is what's left of my Raspberry bush.  There was a blackberry at the other end, but it Zac stepped on it while helping me build the beds and now it's in blackberry heaven.
This will eventually extend out and turn to the left and for a "L" shaped bed around the camper.  This will be planted in Blueberry bushes next year.
This is the "new" chicken yard. The last one was much smaller.  This still needs improvement, but will do for now.

The white leghorn, the australorp, and thesilver laced wyandotte.
 The Buff Orpington mom, with her one little chick that survived, is in a temporary pen we put around the compost pile.  I'll take pics of her and the baby to add in the future.

OH!  And I almost forgot to mention that I'm the proud new owner of an Excalibur dehydrator!!  It's the small one with only 4 trays, but I figured that's a good start.  I've already dehydrated some mushrooms and a bag of carrots.  I think I got the carrots a little too done though....ah well...practice makes perfect.