Friday, December 16, 2011

New Bunny and my bf builds me a rabbit hutch and butchers his first rabbit

Needless to say, I'm sooo proud of my city slicker boyfriend!  He killed and butchered his first rabbit 2 weeks ago, and yesterday killed and butchered the remaining 3. He did a great job!  I am really proud of him since he's never killed and butchered anything in his life. Now I can rest easy knowing he is more prepared to take care of us.

We also downsized the "rabbitry" to just Bella and Snickerdoodle and were planning on getting a NZ doe and keeping a baby when we breed Bella to Pops 3/4 Silver Fox 1/4 American Chinchilla buck. Well, after all the time of waiting on the breeder to breed his 2 best rabbits, waiting for them to be born, then waiting for them to be old enough to bring home, he tells me she had 1 female. The day of meeting he calls to say "oops, it's not a girl, it's a boy" I wasn't interested in buying a male and he knew that, but since he felt bad about me waiting all this time he decided to give him to me. He's cute as a button!!

His mom is a white New Zealand and his dad is a red New Zealand. I can't wait to see how big he gets! My youngest daughter immediately claimed him and named him Checker (NOT Checkers lol) I may still buy a female from him in the future, but not right now.

Zac (my bf) also built me a rabbit hutch (I helped some) and he built it almost 100% from recycled/free materials that we had laying around the house. Here are some pics:

Still need to finish up the roof and put some supporting legs in the middle. Also going to put smaller wire on the doors as soon as we get the money to buy some or can scrounge some up somewhere.

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