Monday, May 23, 2011

Worried about lack of bees....

 I have a zuke plant that's full of blooms and I have yet to see a bee in or around it.  This really, really worries me when I think of all the CCD going on around the country and possible the world.  I mean, without bees how will the plants get pollinated to feed us?  I know some insects help with it, but without bees we would definitely suffer.  I've planted some plants that will attract bees (haven't flowered yet though) and plan on purchasing some Mason bee blocks.  Maybe one day will be up to tackling having some beehives around, but that's an endeavor for the future.  That being said, here are some more recent pics of our little micro-homestead.


lower garden shelf

this was a wood heater I bought for $150 last year then accidentally broke the darn thing after I got it home so now it's just an expensive planter.  It has lemon balm, oregano, and peppermint.

Dutch bunny nibbles (buckling)

blue tipped himalayan doe's  babies


bee balm


radishes and carrots

rhubard and strawberry


rhubarb and onions

Potato bed with strawberries in the chair to the left and radishes/carrots to the right

Birdbath with rhubarb on each side, thyme in front and a few onion plants

Bought this metal tipi for $8.00 and wooden finnial on top for $1.00.  I will be growing 3 pickling cucumbers around it. oh and that's a stevia plant to the right

The stevia to the left, and planted is basil, bee balm, onions and some tomatoes

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