Monday, May 16, 2011

Lots of new things

It's been awhile since I last posted since I've been so busy around the house and with school...also pc problems with letting me post...I lost a lot of the pics I had but here's an idea of what's been going on:

These are the new baby bunnies that were born April 16th.  The mom is the blue tipped Himalayan and not sure who the dad is since she was with both bucks.
There were 7 orginally but one died and one managed to get out of the cage and I suppose it crawled off or something ate it.  I will post recent pics asap.  There is one black, one silver (or chinchilla I suppose) one cute brown & grey, and 2 white.

This is some "shelving" I made out of some milk crates I got really cheap at a flea market.  They are zip-tied together on top of the little mini fridge I was given after my other fridge bit the dust.

Free light I was given that is now hanging in the pantry...Oh, and have more done to the pantry as well and will post pics asap.

This is the end of my 24' bottom garden bed.  It is actually now finished and planted.  Again...will post pics asap lol

This is one of the 3 rhubarb plants that I planted.  They are a little bigger now though.

These potato plants are now much bigger and have a planting box around them as well.

This is the planting box around the potatoes.  They are tall enough now that the boards around the top can be finished all the way around.

My 12 year old digging in the garden

The digging of the end of the bottom bed

My 12 year old (KK) holding Bella the Blue Silver Fox

Not really homestead related, but this is Destiny's cat NINJA just being cute and mischievious

Cutting the hole out for the window that was given to me a few months ago

Window from inside Destiny's room

Window from outside her room...we're still not done trimming it lol

This is my rosemary shrub                 

And last, but not least, our new baby bunny Nibbles.
He is a Dutch and is so precious

Basically on the farm I have finished the bottom bed and started the one above it, gotten a new rabbit,planted LOTS of goodies (list and pics will be posted later) started a frame for the new camper stove I was given, installed the window in Destiny's room, installed the new to me air conditioner I was given and Zac has been digging a koi pond for me.  I know there's stuff I've forgotten to mention, but will try to catch up on my postings.

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