Thursday, February 24, 2011

Freebies, and updates

Ok, so been back in my place for about a week now.  In this issue: Put new walls in pantry, built a chicken yard, Got 3 rabbits (2 I bought, 1 I got for free), Got some free Romex wire and junction boxes, bought 3 blueberry plants; 2 blackberry plants; asparagus, rhubarb; golden delicous apple tree; and several packs of seeds, bought a deep freezer, a birdhouse, some bird feeders, got a great price on about 15 bags of mulch and humus, (and got a dumptruck load of mulch delivered for free) hmmmm....I know there's probably more. lol  I've been busy, busy, busy!   

Here is a current pic of the tiered garden beds.

Looks really unlevel, but it's not

Here are some before and after pics of a little 'room' space that was in my house.  I think the previous owners had a wood heater there or something.

Looks really, really ugly before.

   Now, here are a few 'after' pics.  It's not done yet...still have to put the shelving up, but here's what's done so far.  The wood used for this was given to me for free :)

This is the mini deep freezer that I bought from Lowe's for under $150.  I know someone that works there so I was at least able to use a discount card
I'm building a chicken yard using panels that I'm building and rebar so that it can be easily disassembled.  I've only got a pic of one of the panels so will take more pics soon.
                                            This is made with dog wire and 2x2's and u-nails.

Bought a rabbit hutch with 2 rabbits for $125.  The female is a blue tipped Himalayan and the male is a Polish mix



These are some pics of their rabbit hutch.

This is "Snickerdoodle"  He's a New Zealand mix
we got for free

Got this rabbit hutch for free.  Yeah, I know it needs a new roof
but hey, it was FREE!

Another pic of the free rabbit hutch

Cubby under counter

Smart storage for Raaman noodles

Crate full of Raaman noodles
fits perfectly!

Free small fridge that was given
to me when I realized my
fridge in my camper had stopped

Some of the milk crates I bought from a thrift store 3/$1.00
I plan on using them on my shelves in the pantry to
store food in so it's more easily rotated and stays
neater on the shelves.

These are pics of the end of the house where I'm gonna be
putting the little chicken yard.

My $5.00 birdbath

$1.50 birdhouse from a thrift store

$8.00 ice cream parlor chair I bought
from and antique store
a few years ago
Coir hanging basket from Lowe's

puny strawberry plants


Nest box I built

front view of nest box 

Hard to see, but a blueberry bush next to both
of the white things on the ground

one of my blueberry bushes

I did pay alot for this hummingbird feeder....
almost $17.00....but isn't it just beautiful?
4 propane tanks (2 full, 2 empty) that I got
for $50.00

My washing machine tub compost bin

Some of my many bags of mulch and compost
that I got for $14.00

 free junction boxes

 Free wire

 Free wire

Free load of wood chips delivered by
Asplundh and dumped at the
bottom of my driveway

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  1. Wow, you are so resourceful! My mom was like that, and I'm sure trying to be! I love looking at your ideas for the chickens because that's my next step after I get the rest of my garden beds going! I founds loads of that wiring in my neighbor's scrap and I've been told I can take whatever I want! Yay!