Monday, January 31, 2011

Wow, it's already the last day of Jan.  I'm ready for spring and hope the days keep flying by.  So, I bought a new rake yesterday and did some yard work.  Also started the next level in my terraced garden beds...have a looooong way to go on this project. (thanks to the people that helped out in my yard)  
I'm also using an old mesh basket to sift the rocks and debris out of the soil and I plan to add some rotted manure and mushroom compost since none of my compost is really ready.  Of course once I actually start 'living' out there again I'll have lots more to add to the compost bin (which is an old washing machine tub w/the holes in it)
Also got a new front door from Lowe's for $20 (marked down from $365)  It was a display and has some scuffs but it is beautiful.  It's about 4" too tall for my doorway though so I'll have to cut it down a bit (can't make the door way taller since it actually starts about 2" from my ceiling and goes down to porch level)  I'll figure it out though...I always do.

update on the going without shampoo thing...happy with the results so far.  I haven't had any greasy looking hair so far and scalp feels super clean afterwards.  Of course, I don't wait the 5 days like the chick in the article that I got this idea from.  I've been 'washing' mine about every 3 days.

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